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  • tazzydemon
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    Requirements:: Failing in Gallery Link to this post

    Dear All,

    Like many I can't get the gallery javascript to work. In my case its' because its not there. The Requirements in GalleryPage.php are causing the output of the css but no javascript at all.

    As a test I have also looked at a forum page. Again no javascript. Something is blocking it.

    Curiously I installed the googlemaps module a while back and having found it lacking for now (it does not accept or display addresses intil I fix it) I removed it. To my surprise its javascript resolutely remains. AT the bottom of the page for all pages even after doing a rebuild and flush.

    Any ideas?


  • zenmonkey
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    Re: Requirements:: Failing in Gallery Link to this post

    If the javascript is being called on every page it means it must be set in either your Page.php or Page.ss or _config.php, Or you haven't removed the module directory from the server (remember the manifest builder scans all subdirectories too).

  • dynamite
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    Re: Requirements:: Failing in Gallery Link to this post

    Are you referring to Uncle's Cheese's Image Gallery module? I had a similar problem and it was because I had the module folder named incorrectly.

    Make sure it is named "image_gallery" and try again.

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