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  • entercow
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    Behavior - Access tabs are collapsed and unusable Link to this post

    Hi guys -

    I've had this same problem on a couple different installs, not sure what is causing it.

    The Behavior/To-Do/Reports/Access tabs are all unusable because the content pane is only drawn a few pixels tall. See screenshot:


    This only happens on some page types, not all. I've looked VERY closely comparing details of the page types as well as the _config.php file and see nothing relevant. The last site this happened on I had to completely reinstall to solve the issue - really don't want to do that. I just upgraded to the latest release on this site and the problem persists.

    The CSS for the tab has an inline property which is being set wrong (see below). I haven't edited anything relating to CMS backend, or any core.

    <div class="tab current" id="Root_Behavior" style="display: block; height: 0px; ">

    So why is height being set to 0px, and where can I track down this issue?


  • Willr
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    Re: Behavior - Access tabs are collapsed and unusable Link to this post

    Perhaps post the code for the affected page types?. What happens if you remove custom code from that file bit by bit. If its just a blank file does it work?. This should narrow it down to a specific form field which is causing the error.

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