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  • Martijn
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    Delete Members in SecurityAdmin Link to this post

    Regarding this previous posts about completely removing members from the database and the absence of a solution, I wondered if there is a reason for not having the possibility to delete members.


    I really think is a basic operation that really should be available in the CMS by default. Why is it not there?

    And also removing a lote members from a group takes ages, since we can only remove them one by one.
    Is it an idea to have checkboxes on the Tablefield like in the AssetAdmin?

    And when removing a member from a group, the member still exists, but you can't see them anywhere.
    I was thinking of adding a tab or grouplink to display all ungrouped members (with a tablefield, so you can use a dropdown with the groups, so you can easily assing ungrouped members to a group)

    I'm curious about your ideas and suggestions to solve the problem of undeleted ghostmembers.

  • Ingo
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    Re: Delete Members in SecurityAdmin Link to this post

    Agreed, there should be a (non-techie) way of completely removing a member from the system, as this is a real privacy issue. We're working on it... not sure if it will happen for 2.4 though, as it basically requires a UI redesign of the security section to a certain extent.

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