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  • Harley
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    Creating a link Link to this post

    Hi, I have created a relational database to display a log of details. The details are quiet extensive so for the sake of displaying them I have this condensed table as you will see below. What I want to do is link from each row to a page of its own which displays the entry in its entirety.

    I have not defined a function for $Link, this is the part I am having trouble with. Any ideas on how I do this? Thanks

    <div class="typography">
             <th>First name</th>
             <% if CallEvent %>
             <% control CallEvent %>
                <td><a href="$Link">Full details</a></td>
             <% end_control %>
             <% else %>
                <td colspan="2">No records</td>
             <% end_if %>

  • zenmonkey
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    Re: Creating a link Link to this post

    You're in luck A Tutorial for this was posted this week on ssbits.com


  • Harley
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    Re: Creating a link Link to this post

    Zen Monkey you're the man! I'll be honest I've not seen anything like that after scouring the internet. I find SS bits really useful, the tutorials and snippets are very practical.

    Thanks again

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