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  • pietro
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    Re: User Defined Form - Error Creating Field Link to this post

    hi there, i am wondering if this issue was solved? I tried to solve it few months ago but i gave up, there is an open ticket but it has been inactive for 4 months. http://open.silverstripe.org/ticket/5709

    i am having the same problem rach999 described above. my error console goes as follow, i am using SS 2.4.1, userform 0.3.0, (i also tried the latest trunck released on 2010-09-28 without success):

    ERROR [User Error]: Uncaught SS_HTTPResponse_Exception: I can't handle sub-URLs of a Form object.
    IN GET /admin/EditForm/field/Fields/addfield?NewID=1&Type=EditableFormHeading
    Line 305 in /hermes/web02/b4/moo.talksolarorg/sapphire/core/control/RequestHandler.php

    296: /**
    297: * Throws a HTTP error response encased in a {@link SS_HTTPResponse_Exception}, which is later
    caught in
    298: * {@link RequestHandler::handleAction()} and returned to the user.
    299: *
    300: * @param int $errorCode
    301: * @param string $errorMessage
    302: * @uses SS_HTTPResponse_Exception
    303: */
    304: public function httpError($errorCode, $errorMessage = null) {
    * 305: throw new SS_HTTPResponse_Exception($errorMessage, $errorCode);
    306: }
    308: /**
    309: * Returns the SS_HTTPRequest object that this controller is using.
    310: *
    311: * @return SS_HTTPRequest

    <ul>RequestHandler->httpError(404,I can't handle sub-URLs of a Form object.)
    line 165 of RequestHandler.php

    line 152 of RequestHandler.php

    line 147 of Controller.php

    line 283 of Director.php

    line 127 of Director.php

    line 127 of main.php


    thank you in advance,


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