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  • JuLo
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    Contact form not sending Link to this post


    I am sorry for cross posting (http://www.silverstripe.org/hosting-requirements/show/278742#post278742), but I think my original post was probably not very inspired and not properly phrased.

    I have followed the SSbits tutorial (http://www.ssbits.com/creating-a-simple-contact-form/) to create a very simple contact form.

    It worked fine on my (free) testing host (X10hosting), but stopped working when I moved the site to its final destination on GoDaddy.

    GoDaddy already has its server address (SMTP = relay-hosting.secureserver.net) in its php.ini, but I also added ini_set("SMTP", "relay-hosting.secureserver.net"); in the _config.php for good measure.

    The mail appears to be sent properly, but is never received anywhere.

    My question is more about how to troubleshoot this. How can I capture some error message or understand where something is going wrong?

    Or more simply, does anyone have a solution, that preferably does not involve editing the core files, as some people suggested (in order to use PHP_mailer instead of the standard PHP mail()).

    Thanking you in advance..


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