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  • Yigal
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    migrating SS from IIS to Linux Link to this post

    I'm very new to SS, and I'm trying to migrate it from a dedicated IIS server to a Linux shared hosting.

    I copied all files from the www folder to the www folder on the Linux shared hosting.
    Exported MySQL from the IIS server and imported onto the MySQL on the shared hosting
    Updated _config.php with the new MySQL information
    Run http://bigfootnetworks.site.aplus.net/db/build?flush=1 which seem to fix the table name issue when moving from IIS to Linux.

    The major problem is with the CMS:
    1) I'm unable to use any previous user to access the CMS, only Admin works
    2) I'm getting very ofter error loading page, and an empty popup - see attached screenshots
    3) Under site content, I don't see all the site.

    Can anyone advice if I'm missing any step in migration
    How do I debug, find the reason I'm getting the errors in the CMS


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  • StuM
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    Re: migrating SS from IIS to Linux Link to this post

    Possible problem I can think of is MySQL on Windows, by default it converts the table names to lower case, so when you import it into Linux, it wouldn't recognize the table names and would have built the database from scratch. If you look in PhpMyAdmin or something, you may see that there's a duplicate of the tables, i.e SiteTree and sitetree. If that's the case, you'll have to either rename them manually or write a script to do it.

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