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  • Tonytr
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    Upload and image handling problems Link to this post

    This is my second attempt to use Silverstripe as serious competition to three CMSs I usually use. I have got most things to work, but ......

    1. In tutorial 2 the staff pages fail when trying to upload the images. I can get them to work locally, but as soon as they are deployed I get 'Action 'admin' isn't allowed on class AssetAdmin' error when a new record is added. The Assets directory has full write permissions. Any idea why?

    2. To look at this further I worked locally. I tried a straightforward upload and got 'Action 'admin' isn't allowed on class AssetAdmin' again. Flushing the system several times and removing existing images from the assets/Uploads folder eventually worked.

    I then uploaded autumn.jpg to


    Inserting the image to a page resulted in the image being given a path of


    no matter which user with admin rights tries to upload and insert.

    Any solutions to either or both of these?

    3. Is there a Silverstripe-friendly and stable method of getting a msqldump? I haven't tried the module yet, but I am fed up with manually adding uppercase characters in text files.

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