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    continuous integration / cis server Link to this post


    sorry if I'm posting in the wrong category or asking a common question. I'ts my first post here and I couldn't find anything on google or in the forums.

    My question in short: Does anyone have an example how to get SilverStripe running with an continuous integration server?

    Long story:

    I'm trying to use a CIS with SilverStripe.

    The first thing i did was setting up CruiseControl with phpUnderContol. Everything went fine but the testing, I couldn't get SimpleTest to work with phpUnderContol and didn't find any tutorial on this either.

    Second try was buildbot (good choice, I thought, the Silverstripe guys are using it), but I was failing here, too.

    Third try was Hudson, but well... you guessed right, I failed here too.

    The thing that breaks my neck always is getting SimpleTest to work.

    Does anyone have a sample config file/tut for (preferably ) phpUnderControl or buildbot? Your help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, 05282

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    Re: continuous integration / cis server Link to this post

    Did you ever get something working? I'm starting a new project and would like to get Hudson/Jenkins working with SilverStripe.

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