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    Uploads and Assets Not Appearing Link to this post

    I am running Silverstripe 2.3.7 and have successfully built most of my site on WAMP. I am having difficulty with the CMS though as when i go to upload images in the Files and Images tab everything works properly.

    I go back to Site Content and select the page I want to add an image to. When i click the image button the sidebar opens to the right, however there are no folders or images to select from and when I click choose folder dropdown I get an error message.

    Error Getting Data

    When i look at this process with firebug i see these two errors.

    GET http://localhost/silverstripe/admin/EditorToolbar/ImageForm/field/FolderID/gettree?forceValues= 403 Forbidden    154ms

    Action 'FolderID' isn't allowed on class CMSMain


    Firebug cannot find _firebugConsole element true Window admin?flush=1

    This issue is very frustrating as I need to know that clients will be able to upload images to their pages without hassle. I seem to be able to get around this by adding <img src="assets/uploads/imagename.jpg"> which will make the image appear in the CMS, which leads me to believe that it is uploading correctly only the CMS is having difficulty inserting or actually accessing the files.

    All my permissions are checked.

    Could this maybe be simply because I am running the site locally and this error might dissappear when I put the site on a web server?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance people.

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