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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • Quarx
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    Subsites & Translatable - Any experiences? Link to this post

    I'm going to use subsites with ss2.4 very soon and in 4...12 months I will need translations for my sites.
    So I wonder if the combination Subsites + Translatable is doable. I recall subsites adds separate SiteTree for each site while Translatable adds two columns for the Page to distinguish between language versions. So I guess theoretically they should work well together. Anyone tried to use those two modules at the same time? If they don't cooperate well I need to figure out other solution and it's probably better to think it through even before I start using subsites..

  • dompie
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    Re: Subsites & Translatable - Any experiences? Link to this post

    Although Subsites generally works with translatable in SS 2.4.1, it is not a good implementation.
    1. Subsites does absolutly no validation when creating new Subsites.
    2. Deleting a Subsite does not delete related Pages/Subdomains in Database. Your Database will bloat over time.

  • Sequoia
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    Re: Subsites & Translatable - Any experiences? Link to this post

    Bump this, and has anyone successfully used these two together? I'm sure there are gotchas and I'd love to hear about them.

    @dompie re: point (2) is bloat an issue specifically with deleting/creating subsites, or when using the site in general? I plan on having 2 subsites, no more no fewer, and I don't foresee adding/deleting any. Thanks!

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