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  • ajxtee
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    Automatic user creation and redirection Link to this post

    Hi folks,

    This is a long shot and not really sure how to achieve it - if it can be achieved at all.

    I'm working on converting a client's static html site to silverstripe but have hit a stumbling block when it comes to the client area. He has a proprietary piece of software, written for him by a friend, which allows him to select a batch of photos he wants uploading and assign a password to them. It then uploads the images and writes an XML file of their location which is then used by a photo gallery on a static password-protected page - the password being the one entered in the software. When the client enters their password on the home page they are automatically redirected to the correct page. My client has made it quite clear he'd like to keep the process as close to this as possible.

    I've seen Aram's excellent tutorial on group based redirection here (http://www.ssbits.com/custom-login-form-with-group-based-redirection) here but it's not ideal for my needs. I need user-based redirection, otherwise I'd be constantly (and inefficiently) creating user groups with just one user for the purpose of redirection. Secondly its a far cry from my clients system requiring him to create the page, assign an XML file to it, create a user group and assign redirection to it, create a user - all manual processes. Is there any way at all to automate and centralise these processes?

    A few compromises:
    This doesn't need to be done externally from a piece of software - it could be done from a silverstripe page if that works. That said if it can be done from an external app that would be ok.
    My client is quite happy to compromise on the user details. At the moment he just requires a password to access the page but is quite happy through using silverstripe users to require both a username and password.

    Any help you can offer is VERY much appreciated

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