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  • phawley
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    Multiple prototype.js conflict in 2.4rc1 Link to this post

    Hello all. I am running 2.4rc1 for one site and using prototype for some incidental Javascripting. However, it would appear that I'm having conflicts between the older version Prototype which is included at sapphire/thirdparty/prototype/prototype.js and the one I'm using (which is the current release.

    This conflict was detected in a form I have in which I type a value in to the first field and then hit the Tab key to move to the next and the browsers shows a blank page. This was resolved by removing one of the prototype files (removing either one worked).

    This works for my form (albeit in hacky form) but the CMS login has the same behavior, and I don't want to hack up a workaround for this any longer.

    Has anyone seen this, or have a fix in mind?

    Thanks in advance,

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