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  • k0m0r
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    Template not found Link to this post

    I just encountered a strange behaviour of template renderer.
    My Page_Controller looks as follows:

    class Page_Controller extends ContentController {
    function xml() {
    $this->getResponse()->addHeader('Content-Type', 'application/xml; charset="utf-8"');
    return array();

    And then I have several page types extending both Page and Page_Controller, so I can use different templates. But for a strange reason one of my subclasses does not find an existing template.
    I have templates/Page_xml.ss template that looks like these:

    <page id="$ID">

    And in templates/Layout folder, for example:


    When calling example-page/xml, it renders correctly using Page_xml.ss and Layout/ExamplePage_xml.ss
    But for a strange reason one of my subclasses, let's say TestPage, cannot find an existing TestPage_xml.ss template, so it renders using Page_xml.ss and then TestPage.ss (not TestPage_xml.ss).
    Every other class in the project works perfectly.

    I triple checked everything for typos and anything. Does anyone encountered this problem?
    I tried deleting the pages, the classes, rebuilding the database, flushing templates - no can do, my existing TestPage_xml template is simply ignored.
    What could I miss?

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