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  • borriej
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    Log-in form - Output in Dutch (?) Link to this post


    I've added a log-in box on the template ($LoginForm) but I want the names and feedback to be Dutch.

    So I edited:

    Line: 84

          if($form) $form->sessionMessage(
             _t('Member.ERRORWRONGCRED', "That doesn't seem to be the right e-mail address or password. Please try again."),


    Line: 85

             _t('Member.ERRORWRONGCRED', "Ongeldig e-mail adres of wachtwoord. Probeer het a.u.b. opnieuw."),

    ran dev/build?flush=1

    But when i log-in with an invalid email, it still gives the english message.

    1) What to do with the English - Dutch output?

    2) If it is possible, I would also like to have a different login class which is easier. So something like this '$LoginFormSimple'. The idea is that it is a simple version without the 'lost password' rule. How do I do this?

  • martimiz
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    Re: Log-in form - Output in Dutch (?) Link to this post

    As to your first question:
    First of all: avoid changing the core code, since you'll have a hell of a time upgrading later. Second: this is not going to work anyway, since Silverstripe will get the translation from the English languagefiles.

    What you need to do is make sure your website will use the Dutch language files, so in your mysite/_config.php set:


    (the language used in the backend is a different issue, as it is set in your user-profile)

  • borriej
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    Re: Log-in form - Output in Dutch (?) Link to this post

    And again: thank you This also worked!

    Is it easy to add a different log-in class for a small panel? see: http://www.nupharma.nl/producten
    I dont really want the 'forgot password' rule underneath my button.. And actually I want the labels: e-mail and wachtwoord to be displayed in to field (as background)

    Where do I need to look for documentation about this?

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