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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • eceers
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    1000's of Pages Link to this post

    Hi all,

    Just a quick question to ask a silly question. My client is starting to look forward to the size of their website, would be good if finished the first release

    There is a potential that the site could grow into the 1000's of pages. Is there any reason why SS would not be able to handle this many pages and if so what can I be doing to minimize this risk?

    Thanks in advance.

  • 3dgoo
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    Re: 1000's of Pages Link to this post

    I think the only possible issue is the size of the database. Every page you create will have the data stored in the database. Just check the server that is going to host the site for a database size limit.

  • Willr
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    Re: 1000's of Pages Link to this post

    Check the memory limit on the server. Also when building the site avoid having all the pages in 1 node or too many under the same parent. The tree would take ages to load. I have a site with 300 pages under 1 tree node and it takes a good minute to load a page in that section in the cms. If you break it up into separate trees you should be fine. Front end performance will scale fine with 100 or 1000 pages.

  • honeybunny
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    Re: 1000's of Pages Link to this post

    Another issue to be aware of is the potential to run out of memory in your asset file. Will's advice about limiting pages in a node holds true for graphics as well. With potentially 1000s of pages (and 1000s of graphics) you should make sure that you set up a logical file system for images as putting all your graphics in one folder or uploading one full size jpg in error could potentially use all available memory and cause the assets to be unavailable.


  • biapar
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    Re: 1000's of Pages Link to this post

    You need to structure your assett dir file because is the same problem of content nodes.

  • hello_world
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    Re: 1000's of Pages Link to this post

    Although it is a topic of May, but .....
    Yes it is possible. As other has says, much depends on the server parameters.
    As for the SilverStripe...
    I'm finishing large project on na SilverStripe. I migrate a large service from Joomla 1.0 to SilverStripe.
    Database have 3,900 articles (41 mln characters) in 19 nodes. I developed a method which shortnes long nodes and this was solved many,many performance problems - in /admin and live page. All from 3,900 items are avaliable to readers.
    Homepage takes about 70-100 items and this was generated and send by Firebug 1,2-2,1secound (with no StaticPublisher) and 80-130ms with StaticPublisher, with no static files (js,jpg).
    I developed and use incremental generation of cache site with the possibility to generate any page (without start /dev/buildcache because server has one limit - max_execution_time = 30)
    And now the best - the database was scaled to 12,000 articles (750MB!!!) and SilverStripe behaved stably.
    Service out of about 3,000 visits per day unique users. During the day, generate 6,000-9,000 pages.
    The project is build on SilverStripe 2.4.2 and in last week upgrade in 2.4.3.
    Probably the site will start before the end of the year. Perhaps the address placed in the showcase.

    if anyone had any questions as we did - we hint
    My email: maciej.kostrzewa@symbioza.net.pl

    P.S.Once again - sorry for grammar

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