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  • voodoochile
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    2.4 images not showing in tinymce Link to this post

    Hi All

    having a small issue with images in tiny mce.

    trying to insert an image uploaded into the assets/uploads folder the image is there etc when inserting into the document it shows as the red X indicating the path is wrong or broken.

    upon investagation with images already there the path is assets/uploads/_resampled/imagename.jpg

    at present the images not showing have the path assets/uploads/imagename.jpg

    note this site was upgraded to 2.4 a few days ago

    has anyone else had this problem?

    if i change the path and place the image in the _resampled folder it works.

  • voodoochile
    Community Member
    52 Posts

    Re: 2.4 images not showing in tinymce Link to this post


    i have been looking into this further as i have two sites nearing live that this is affecting.
    today i installed a fresh site onto my server with a new database and inserted an image this worked.
    so one of the sites i am working on has only one page of content at presant i copied the theam away dropped the old db and reinstalled a fresh install and created a new db moved the theme back and uploaded new images this all went well and worked fine. when i went to insert an image from the cms same problem no image shows in mce or on published site.
    and for some reason in the _resampled folder images are renamed to StripThumbnail-imagename.jpg, if i edit the image path and add _resampled/StripThumbnail-imagename.jpg to the path i get a thumbnail image, if i move the image to the _resampled folder and edit the image path to _resampled/imagename.jpg the image does not show.

    I would be grateful for any help on this

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