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  • patte
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    Translatable Dataobjects - any working solution out there? Link to this post

    Hey guys,

    I asked this question some times before - because I got no solution, I ask again ;-)

    Unfortunately I couldn`t find any working solution for translatable dataobjects. I am using SS24 and I have dataobjects which should be translated into two different languages.

    I tried using some patches and different SilverStripe versions. I thought I had a running setup with SS24RC2...but it is still not working and I am not sure to use SilverStripe for an actual project because of its multilingualism.

    I really need a working solution for translatable dataobjects...please, does anyone have a tip for that? I do not need to use SS24 - if it is working I could also use an older version.

    Thanks much in advance!


  • Ironcheese
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    Re: Translatable Dataobjects - any working solution out there? Link to this post

    I have the exact same problem / situation right now. And unfortunatly i dont have an answer either... :S

    But i was just thinking, how about a has_many relationship with translations. Like your DataObject has_many translations.
    But how and where could we access those translations / modify them?

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