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  • steve_nyhof
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    php files running by themselves Link to this post

    We are having issues with large amounts of php files running at the same time causing a spike on the system and causing it to kill the server, shutting everyones websites down.

    This is what I got from support... Does anyone have any ideas or have run into this before know what I might do to fix this?
    There are no email programs running, and I am only hosting SilverStripe CMSs.


    I would recommend checking your application logs and the documentation for SilverStripe to see what might be causing your sites to suddenly open up a large number of php files. The fact its opening up so many at one time leads me to think its some kind of automated process that is activating to update information or check something.

    You can look through the atop logs located in /var/log/atop with the following command:

    sudo atop -r atop_log_file -b time -l 5

    for example to see June 1st 3pm:

    sudo atop -r /var/log/atop/atop_20100601 -b 15:00 -l 5

    You can also run the above atop command without the -b time to start at midnight and scroll through the logs. They show the server at 1 minute intervals. You can find more information on the atop command and how to scroll through the logs here:"

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