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  • SSadmin
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    Security Logout Problem Link to this post

    Hey,guys, i met a logout problem in silverstripe 2.4 these days.
    If the website is viewing in both front and backend, and did some operations on backend eg.(change and save and publish), a pop up window says please logout and try again...but i am the admin and have the highest permission..
    anyone have any ideas?

    Running firebug it shows the error:
    http://mydomain/admin/getitem?ID=111&ajax=1 403 Foridden

    not too sure what kind problem is that?!
    cookies or session ? or something else?!

  • Willr
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    Re: Security Logout Problem Link to this post

    Have you been logged in for a while? I believe logged in sessions only last for a limited amount of time so its possible that after a period of being logged in your session has expired.

  • SSadmin
    Community Member
    90 Posts

    Re: Security Logout Problem Link to this post

    Hey.Willr, thanks for replying.
    i have been logged in for a while, but as long as i click and refresh some frontend page, then go back to admin area(backend), select page in left hand site-tree view, it shows the strange problem.
    Have tested some other site i have built in 2.4, but only this one seems little bit odds.

    i tried to comment out the permission check code in the Leftandmain.php for admin/getitem?ID=111&ajax=1
       //   if($record && !$record->canView()) return Security::permissionFailure($this);
    Seems the problem still remaining.

    Any thoughts on that?!


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