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  • Aljoscha
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    Is SilverStripe the right solution? Link to this post

    Hi there!

    I've got a sports-website. I use drupal now, but I'm not very happy with it. The backend is overloaded and writing own extensions is not the easiest way.
    What I need is a cms that is capable to handle lots of exercises which users can enter at the frontend.
    I'm not quite sure - looking at the tutorial - if SilverStripe can handle this. Not because of the technical part (speed, ...), but it builds its menue-structure from the documents in the database. With (later) hundreds of exercise this makes no sense. In drupal I use the so called taxonomy where the menue only shows the topics and then with a click the exercises for this topic are listed.

    Now the question is, is SilverStripe a good alternative to drupal for this special case?

    Thanks a lot

  • Willr
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    Re: Is SilverStripe the right solution? Link to this post

    Welcome Aljoscha,

    If you have hundreds of Pages the site tree does get quite convoluted and hard to manage. If exercises can only have 1 topic then you can create a nested tree structure which wouldn't be so bad but each exercise would only have 1 topic. You would setup a tree structure like below

    topic 1
    ----- exercise 1
    ----- exercise 2
    ----- ...
    topic 2
    ----- exercise 3
    ----- exercise 4

    If you want to not have 'pages' and a tree structure you can combine another approach in SilverStripe to use 'DataObjects' to store the information. You would then give meta data to these dataobjects (like topics, tags..) which you can search on. No really in depth tutorials covering everything you need to do but see this tutorial for how to display dataobjects (http://ssbits.com/using-silverstripe-url-parameters-to-display-dataobjects-on-a-page/).

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