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  • Matze0681
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    SecurityGroups:Bug? Link to this post


    i create a new SecurityGroup e.g. "ParentGroup" with a childgroup e.g. "ChildGroup" in the "Security" Tab in the cms and add Member to the ChildGroup. So far so good.

    But now when i delete the ParentGroup i expect that the ChildGroup and all its Group_Member relations are deleted as well (onAfterDelete?). But only the ParentGroup is deleted. The Childgroup and all Group_Member relations stay in the Database.

    That could generate a lot of garbage data in the db.

    And if i now create a New Group with excactly the same name as the ChildGroup none of the Members which were in the old ChildGroup before, can be accessed anymore (in the Member Tab). It throws now an error : Notice: "Trying to get property of non-object" at line 283 of ..\sapphire\security\Group.php

    im not sure if its a problem on my silverstripe installation/db or a general issue ?

    sry for my bad english by the way ;)


  • Willr
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    Re: SecurityGroups:Bug? Link to this post

    Good find, at the very least deleting a parent group will remove all the child groups as well as the members otherwise the relations are going to be messed up.

    Please submit this as a bug on open.silverstripe.org so that one of the developers can be assigned to look into this and we can get a bug fix in. Its not a critical bug but it is annoying.

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