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  • Scorpiankh
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    content field losing data Link to this post

    I'm having a problem with the content field in the CMS, anything I enter into the content field gets lost when I click save and publish.
    I had to get the site live so in the meantime I've been editting the content directly throught the sitetree_live table in the database, I can tell the write function for the content field is working because if I try to edit content through the CMS after editting it through the database it overwrites what I'd written in the database, but it's writing blank <p></p> tags so somewhere it's losing the data entered into the content field.
    It seems to be restricted entirely to the content field (the page name, navigation label meta data etc are saving fine), and the problem is occurring on all pages regardless of page type. I have no custom code in the page type or controller files, the website is pretty standadrd and I'm only trying to enter plain text into the content field.

    When I built the site originally on WAMP on my PC it was working fine, it's only since I uploaded the site to the webserver that this problem occured.

    Any ideas what might be causing this problem and how it can be fixed?
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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