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  • k0m0r
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    Translatable and permissions Link to this post

    I have a multilingual site, using Translatable, and a list of users allowed to edit only specific language versions.
    For example, our project looks like this:

    Homepage English
    - Page en 1
    - Page en 2

    Homepage German
    - Page de 1
    - Page de 2

    Now, only Administrators can edit all language versions. Now, let's create new user called Joe, and grant him privileges to edit Homepage English (and, by inheriting, the rest of English subpages), and another one, called Helmut, that can edit only Homepage German (and German subpages).

    Now, when Joe logs into CMS, he's redirected to the default version, English in this case, so everything works fine.
    But unfortunately Helmut gets the same page opened, but he cannot edit anything until he switches to the German version.
    But switching ain't so easy - because he's not an Administrator, he doesn't see the languages dropdown above project tree. The only option for him is to open Homepage English, go to Translations tab, and then choose the appropriate version. That's not very intuitive, especially when you have like a dozen of languages or more.

    What is the easiest way to give Helmut an easy way of navigating to Homepage German? I'm using SS 2.3.7 and there's no way of upgrading right now.

    Thanks very much for any help.

  • k0m0r
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    Re: Translatable and permissions Link to this post


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