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  • bebabeba
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    add php in template.ss Link to this post


    in my template.ss I add php code:

    and this is correct. but if i write:

    I have the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' Page.ss on line 9


  • swaiba
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: add php in template.ss Link to this post

    while I think you can use php commands in your ss templates I think you can only do it one at a time within a control, e.g.

    <% sprintf(_t('IMAGE','%2.2s'),$Locale.RFC1766) %>

    so I'd write each php command like this...

    <% print_r($_REQUEST['id']) %>

    but I am no expert.... I think what might be casuing this in fact is that you are tring to access an element in an array and it may be confusing $_REQ..... with a function... but in general I'd avoid php code in an *.ss template - it should go into the controller


  • TotalNet
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    Re: add php in template.ss Link to this post

    There was a comment in another post saying that templates only get one pass, so if you're not dealing with a literal value then it may not work as intended, that could have been relating to something else though.

    However, as Barry has said, templates are not really intended to have code inside them, just control blocks etc. to keep it simple. If you're trying to debug as you develop then write a debug function for your page controller to spit out all the $_REQUEST variables etc.


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