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  • Martijn
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    Mega Frontend combined files Link to this post

    I was experimenting to find a way to collect all js (and css later on) requirements that are used in Content_Controller and its subclasses.

    The reason I want this, is that I want to use 1 javascript file that works on all pages, even those Pagetypes I do not create.

    I came up with this (not extensively tested) code to collect all those js files and combined them.

    Wonder what you think of this approach:

    * FrontendCombiner to combine all javascript that are added in Page_Controller::init() (and its subclasses);
    * _config.php : Object::add_extension('Page_Controller','FrontendCombiner');
    * _config.php : Object::useCustomClass('Requirements', 'RequirementsExtension');
    * You need to set the site to live mode to uses combined files : Director::set_environment_type("live");

    class FrontendCombiner extends Extension{
       static $combined_javascript = array();
       // need this bypass pagetypes with Director::redirects in init();
       static $exclude_controllers = array(
       function onAfterInit(){
             $combinepath = 'themes/'.SSViewer::current_theme().'/combined';
             if(!file_exists(Director::baseFolder() . '/' . $combinepath.'/combined.js')){
                // collect all subclasses of ContentController. SS will order them by subclass depth
                $controllers = ClassInfo::subclassesFor('ContentController');
                // loop thru the controllers
                foreach($controllers as $c){
                   if(!in_array($c, self::$exclude_controllers) && !is_subclass_of($c, 'ErrorPage_Controller')){ //dirty for now...
                      $x = new $c; // create an instance of the controller
                      $x->init(); // run init() to get the Requirements;
                      $e = new RequirementsExtension; // run the extended Requirements class
                      if($requirements = $e->get_javascript()){
                         foreach($requirements as $file){
                            self::$combined_javascript[$file] = $file; // create an array with all the js files
                if($js = self::$combined_javascript){
                   self::$combined_javascript = array(); // clear combined_javascript
                   foreach($js as $j){ // skip external javascripts
                      if(Director::is_relative_url($j) || (Director::is_absolute_url($j) && strstr($j, Director::absoluteBaseURL()))){
                         $f = Director::makeRelative($j); // make all paths relative
                         self::$combined_javascript[$f] = $f; // add cleaned files to the array
                Requirements::process_combined_files(); // do the magic
             foreach(RequirementsExtension::get_javascript() as $j){
                if(Director::is_relative_url($j) || (Director::is_absolute_url($j) && strstr($j, Director::absoluteBaseURL()))){
                   RequirementsExtension::backend()->block($j); // block all local javascripts
             Requirements::javascript($combinepath.'/combined.js'); // add the combined javascript file

    * Simple Requirements extension to access Requirements_Backend::get_javascript();

    class RequirementsExtension extends Requirements{
       static function get_javascript() {
          return self::backend()->get_javascript();

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