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  • pali
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    Multilingual page with secured pages Link to this post


    i just created multilingual website (default language is slovak sk_SK, second language is english en_US). SS = 2.4.0

    my _config.php looks like this:


    and myste/Page.php -> controller's init() includes:

    if($this->dataRecord->hasExtension('Translatable')) {

    Everything works great except one thing - I have one secured page (created in slovak and translated to english) which looks like this if not logged in:

    Slovak language:
    Menu -> Slovak sitetree
    Note ($lang['xx_XX']['Security']['NOTEPAGESECURED']) -> is from english lang file (but is translated in Sapphire's Slovak lang file, should use this one)
    Fields (email, password, button) and lost password -> in Slovak

    English language: looks exactly same as slovak

    Probably its caused, because visitor is redirected to login page like this: DOMAIN/Security/login?BackURL=%2Fxyz%2F and Security doest check, which language is "xyz" ?

    Also, there is somthing wrong with "Note" whic is all the time in english. If i add in _config.php this:


    i get correct Note (in Slovak).

    If i change it to i18n::set_locale("en_US") , Note is correctly in english, but for fields are in Slovak.

    Probably, Note depends on i18n, all other parts on translatable setup.

    Any hint?



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