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  • lennert
    Community Member
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    Lost $databaseConfig in _config.php Link to this post

    I changed the pw for my MYSQL database user (in retrospect I shouldn't have done that), but when I wanted to edit my database settings in _config.php to my surprise there was no $databaseConfig defined in the file. Have no _environment file so I'm wondering where I can find these settings.

    Have inherited this site from someone else so I'm not a Silverstripe expert. Any help would be appreciated.
    Using SS 2.3.1


  • lennert
    Community Member
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    Re: Lost $databaseConfig in _config.php Link to this post

    One thing I should have added:

    Tried adding $databaseConfig to _config.php but that didn't help. Still am getting "Website Error There has been an error".

  • lennert
    Community Member
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    Re: Lost $databaseConfig in _config.php Link to this post

    Went into dev mode and got the following error:

    [Warning] mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)
    GET /

    Line 35 in /nfs/c05/h01/mnt/69388/domains/darlingagency.com/html/sapphire/core/model/MySQLDatabase.php


    26    /**
    27     * Connect to a MySQL database.
    28     * @param array $parameters An map of parameters, which should include:
    29     * - server: The server, eg, localhost
    30     * - username: The username to log on with
    31     * - password: The password to log on with
    32     * - database: The database to connect to
    33     */
    34    public function __construct($parameters) {
    35       $this->dbConn = mysql_connect($parameters['server'], $parameters['username'], $parameters['password']);
    36       $this->active = mysql_select_db($parameters['database'], $this->dbConn);
    37       $this->database = $parameters['database'];
    38       if(!$this->dbConn) {
    39          $this->databaseError("Couldn't connect to MySQL database");
    40       }

    Line 35 of MySQLDatabase.php
    Line 72 of DB.php
    Line 187 of main.php

    (Changed pw). So it looks as if it's getting the correct info.
    Will continue digging.

  • lennert
    Community Member
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    Re: Lost $databaseConfig in _config.php Link to this post

    Alright fixed it myself.
    First of all I was able to find the correct call to the database.
    And secondly by making my $databaseConfig global I was able to override the default values which are hidden somewhere.

    Thanks for being an audience!

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