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  • zenmonkey
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    $gd->writeTo function Link to this post

    I'm looking for more information on writeTo() function. I want to be able to change the names of resampled images for SEO purposes and I'm wondering how to properly set the the writeTo function on an extended image class:

    function generateSmallimage($gd) {
    return $gd;

    The class documentation doesn't provide much direction on the actual use of the function.


    After a little more playing around with code pulled from the IMage Object I've gotten this far

    function generateSmallimage($gd) {
        //Get asset Folder
        $folder = $this->ParentID ? $this->Parent()->Filename : ASSETS_DIR . "/";
        //Get Current Filename
        $filename = $this->Name;
        //Get Extension
        $ext = strtolower(substr($filename, strrpos($filename,'.')+1));
        //set new path and filename;
        $newFilename = $folder . "_resampled/my-file-name." . $ext;
        $smallImage = $gd->resizeRatio(150,150);
        $smallImage = $smallImage->writeTo($newFilename);
    return $smallImage;

    This will generate a resized image in the correct folder, but it still returns a link to a filename titled smallImage-originalFilename


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