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  • slavelabourer
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    SS mySQL query halp Link to this post

    So i'm a bit of a newbie having trouble with this sql query. I have a form in the cms that allows a user to input a vimeo video ID and then pass that to the vimeo moogaloop api.

    So i've written a query the writes some xml to the head of the current videopage

    $query = (int)DB::query("SELECT VimeoID FROM `VideoPage`WHERE `ID` = '$this->ID'")->value();

    for some reason it keeps returning the value as 0. Any thoughts are appreciated.

             $result = mysql_query($query);
             $doc = new DomDocument('1.0');

          // create root node
             $root = $doc->createElement('vimeoURL');
             $root = $doc->appendChild($root);
              // add node for each row
              $occ = $doc->createElement('vimeoURL');
              $occ = $root->appendChild($occ);
              $child = $doc->createElement('URL');
              $child = $occ->appendChild($child);
              $value = $doc->createTextNode('URL' + $result);
              $value = $child->appendChild($value);
          $xml_string = $doc->saveXML();
          //header('Content-Type: application/xml; charset=ISO-8859-1');
          echo $xml_string;   

  • swaiba
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    Re: SS mySQL query halp Link to this post

    hi dan, is there a reason not to use DataObject::get_by_id?

    $doVideoPage = DataObject::get_by_id('VideoPage',$this->ID);
    $occ = $doc->createElement($doVideoPage->vimeoURL); //assuming vimeoURL is in $db of $doVideoPage)

  • _Vince
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    Re: SS mySQL query halp Link to this post

    If you really want to use SQLQuery, I think it would look more like this

    $query = new SQLQuery();
    $query->select = array("VimeoID");
    $query->from = array("VideoPage");
    $query->where = array("ID = $this->ID");

    $result = $query->execute()->value();

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