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  • jseth
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    RESOLVED: Cannot find code Link to this post

    Ok, I have to confess that this is rather embarrassing, but here goes. Quite a while ago, I was able to insert an image below our sidebar. When I view the page source, I can see what I need to change:

    <div class="sidebarBottom"></div>
    <div id="Sidebar" class="typography"><p><img class="leftAlone" src="assets/SplashImages/followus.png" alt="Follow Us!" width="195" height="34" usemap="#followus" title="" />
    <map name="followus">
    <area shape="rect" coords="121,2,149,29" href="http://www.facebook.com/EasternCenter" alt="EASTERN on Facebook"></area>
    <area shape="rect" coords="151,3,177,29" href="http://intranet.eastech.org/wiki" alt="EASTERN Wiki"></area>

    I need to remove the line <area shape="rect" coords="151,3,177,29" href="http://intranet.eastech.org/wiki" alt="EASTERN Wiki"></area>.

    My problem is, I cannot find it in ANY file in my site! I have no idea where I entered this code to make the image appear and map the links on it. I've searched basically every file in my site, and although I can find references to it, such as:
    <div class="FollowUs">

    but I am quite out of practice and don't remember how or where I created this! Can anyone help me with this?

  • jseth
    Community Member
    98 Posts

    Re: RESOLVED: Cannot find code Link to this post

    I found it. Looking in the CMS, I had made a "Sidebar" page, inserted the image, and the code was in the html, right where it's supposed to be. Whew... one really needs to keep one's hand in this as to not get SO rusty!

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