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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • lolke
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    Evaluating CMS Link to this post


    I had no previous experience with CMS at all before having to build my website. And unfortunately (I can say that now) I based it on brand X so to speak. On my current shortlist I have the following:


    Is there anyone here who has done a more extensive comparison or case study involving any of these?
    This information could be really helpful. Of course your requirements may differ from mine, but nevertheless it may very well be helpful.

    Some of my basic requirements (its not a full list!):
    - ease of maintenance
    - extensible and customizable (look and feel)
    - CSS and (X)HTML valid (it is surprising to see how many fail this simple criterion)
    - fast
    - multi-lingual
    - responsive community

    Thanks a lot.

  • Willr
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    Re: Evaluating CMS Link to this post

    I have never heard of Contao, and haven't used MODx for years so I can't really help you with comparing but in terms of SS you should fine it easy to customize. The template engine is simple and straight forward so you can keep your HTML very clean compared to other CMS systems. Form field templates are the only really tricky thing to override but you have some sort of flexible with complete forms. SilverStripe also includes multilingual support and lots of the modules are already translated.

  • lolke
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    Re: Evaluating CMS Link to this post

    OK. Thanks for the info. BTW Contao (http://www.contao.org/) is a rebranding of TYPOlight, which you might know. Both SS and Contao look very promising to me.

    Anyway I decided to first have a more indepth look at SS, since I had some startup problems with Contao. Generally I big neg. for Contao would be that the native language is German and most of the documentation is in German.

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