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  • paradigmincarnate
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    Forbid an action on a class using allowed_actions Link to this post

    Using this example setup:

    Page_Controller::$allowed_actions = array('index', 'tag');

    class SubPage_Controller extends Page_Controller {

    How can I ensure the action "date" isn't allowed on SubPage?


    I'm looking in RequestHandler::checkAccessAction() and it looks like - because SubPage_Controller doesn't explicitly define any allowed_actions, and because there's no method for this non-existent "date" action, that the date action is allowed.

    Oddly, I can avoid that by declaring another unrelated allowed action, or by re-declaring the ones from the parent.
    SubPage_Controller::$allowed_actions = array('index');
    SubPage_Controller::$allowed_action = array('apple');

    This is a little confusing to me. Surely if an action isn't in $allowed_actions, it's not allowed? The inline comment is "Return true so that a template can handle this action", but my only response to that is "wtf".

    Thanks in advance for any help or explanation.

  • Willr
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    Re: Forbid an action on a class using allowed_actions Link to this post

    I believe this is coming from a legacy issue - because a lot of projects never had allowed_actions it broke applications left, right and center when it was added to the core, so to prevent apps from breaking if no allowed actions are defined on a controller then it doesn't check the action permissions. Haven't played around with checking if it respects the parent controller allowed action though so that could still be a bug.

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