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  • RossM
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    The current state of translated, versioned DataObjects Link to this post


    The translation/verisoning works nicely for the SiteTree models, but now I'm trying to figure out how easy it is to use translated, versioned (non-sitetree) DataObjects. I have set some up, but both ways I have seen to manage these "out of the box" seem to have issues.

    1) HasManyComplexTableField

    With this method, no version/translation tabs are shown, and worse, it seems to have to trouble saving the current locale to the created DataObjects.

    2) ModelAdmin

    The translations don't show here, and the Versions tab doesn't seem to work for me, it never creates any new versions and has an odd "Add Site Tree" button. I see that there is also an old module called TranslatableModelAdmin (http://www.silverstripe.org/translatablemodeladmin-module/), but this doesn't seem to work with 2.4.2.

    So, what are other people doing? Are people currently using translated, versioned DataObjects? If so, did you have to write a lot of custom code? It seems that this part of the CMS isn't as polished as the rest, is this something planned for future versions?



  • swaiba
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    Re: The current state of translated, versioned DataObjects Link to this post

    I posted a small patch for 2.4.2 yesterday - it means you can create translations, but there are holes in it and I haven't used it yet for a project - it looks like I'll have to customize it because I want to keep a "core" data object and then translate parts of it. Or I need to finalise my plan.

    patch here (and description from ingo)

    Another thing needed is making the translated local readonly in the getCMSFields - as curerntly the user could edit it to xyz and break the thing!


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