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  • Billsutils
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    Noob Problem adding Images (linux) [solved] Link to this post

    Hi, I've only just started poking silverstripe about so this probably just a grotesque Noob problem.

    First off: I'm running Ubuntu 10.4 with xampp (known as lampp in linux) and I have the silverstripe stuff under htdocs/silverstripe.

    I can see the site and have changed the theme OK (currently set to fancypants). Site is visible via http://localhost/silverstripe/
    Adding & deleting text, saving/publishing site etc is no problem.

    But I cannot seamlessly add an image to the site.

    Here is what I do:
    I have manually added a jpg (armouredspit.jpg) to directory assets/Uploads. Ready to add to the site.

    I have changed all permissions on everything to rw or rwx as appropriate

    When I add the image to the editor it gets grabbed and successfully displayed until I hit the save button. When I save the draft the image dissapears. The editor just displays an empty box.

    In the editor, I then right click on the empty image box and select "insert/edit image" it displays the path to the missing image as:

    Neither that directory or file exist. And I have not intentionally resized the jpg.

    I have tried manually creating the _resampled directory but nothing gets written into it.

    If I change to path via right click "insert/edit image" to match the actual image location (assets/Uploads/armouredspit.jpg) the image is displayed and saves sucessfully.

    This pathing problem also re-occurs if, after fixing the path I then resize the image. The path gets modified to the _resampled path ( I suppose as expected).

    I am somewhat stumped by this. Any thoughts/suggestions gratefully received.

    p.s. I'm running silverstripe 2.4.2


  • Billsutils
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    Re: Noob Problem adding Images (linux) [solved] Link to this post

    Idiot of the week award for me.

    No. I had not changed all the permissions (it <b>had</b> to be a permissions problem).

    just in case anyone else does the same thing...
    I had downloaded silverstripe to my home directory and softinked to it from htdocs. But (of course) when you are running silverstripe it is in a webbrowser and NOT as the the owner. While I had changed permission at the lower levels I had not changed the overall permission on silverstripe so the directory was blocking the file from being written.

    Now it works as expected.


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