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  • martbarr
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    2.4.x image issues in tinymce Link to this post


    I have a reproducable image problem in both FF and IE8.

    a) Start a new page, and insert an image left aligned.
    b) Do something else in the editor which takes the focus off the image, like adding text underneath etc
    c) Click on the image again, and the alignment field grays out, so not possible to change it.
    d) Delete the image, and the alignment remains grayed out, so not selectable for the new image, although the image will insert.

    What can I do to fix it - this was fine until 2.4.1 but has been like this since.
    And it causing me to hold back launching a site that is late for delivery.

    Any help gratefully received.

    Thank you
    PS just noticed that if I then right click on the image and change alignment to right, (say) it looks ok in the editor,
    but when saved it reverts back to original location.

  • Martijn
    Community Member
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    Re: 2.4.x image issues in tinymce Link to this post

    I have this issue as well....

  • rbTech
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    Re: 2.4.x image issues in tinymce Link to this post

    As much as I don't like 'me too' posts, I have to say me too on this one because I see 175 views, and no responses.

    I will add that I strongly suspect that this is a missing css declaration in the template, but that the default BlackCandy template exhibits the same issue, even in the most current release of SS. Anyone?


    Follow up:
    So I've found at least a partial workaround: In the tinyMCE editor, you can click on the image toolbar icon, and click it again to bring the image toolbar back, which will re-enable the alignment dropdown for new images. Once the alignment is set for an image, it greys out the alignment dropdown, and it will be disabled until you close the image toolbar again.

  • steffik
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    Re: 2.4.x image issues in tinymce Link to this post

    Is there any plan or information as to when this issue will be adressed?

    whenever i try it now the workaround from rbTech works for me only when i delete the image and re-insert it. But i think this messes up the rest of the content as well.

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