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  • spankmaster79
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    Extending Page Naming Convention Link to this post


    this might be a simple question.

    I want to know if all Pages that extend Page have to be named Page at the end, like HomePAGE, ContentPAGE or DistributionPAGE. Or can I name them Home, Content and Distribution.

    I run into Bad class to singleton errors calling the admin with index.php/admin. Using .htaccess and only /admin works. I really don't get the difference and it's kind of confusing.


  • swaiba
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    Re: Extending Page Naming Convention Link to this post

    As far as I know you can name them whatever you like, but it is good practice to name things in a was that reminds you what the class is.

    Regarding "admin" vs "index.php/admin" the index.php with silverstripe simulates having mod_rewrite - if you can actually have mod_rewrite (that is sounds like you have because it works without index.php) then you should delete it from your installation.

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