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  • bobbyZh
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    Moving between Webservers Link to this post


    starting as an easy task this has become rather difficult. I first transfered a functioning system to my xampp (for checking) and then to a new Server. While everything has worked in xampp and most works on the new Server, a problem has arisen - which isn't helped that I have no prior experience with silverstripes, even if I now have spent hours going through all files.

    The problem on the new Server: In the naviigation certain variables aren't passed to navigation.ss - while the Menutitel is displayed the url is not, which makes moving to another topic impossible

    ========== code =========================================
    <ul class="menu">
    <% control Menu(1) %>
    <li class="$LinkingMode"><a href="$Link" title="Gehe zu $Title.XML Seite"><b>$MenuTitle</b></a></li>
    <% end_control %>
    ========== /code =========================================

    output in source code is <li class=""><a href="" title="Gehe zu Seite"><b>Product</b></a></li>

    $LinkingMode - is empty
    $Link - is empty
    $Title.XML - is empty
    $MenuTitle - ok

    after going through all the files and code I still havn't found out, how those variables are filled with content - still I suspect that following part is substantial. Unfortunatley I can't debug these lines succesfully

    I checked following code for debugging in ContenController.php
    public function Menu($level) {) (app line e 180)
    I would assume that the Object "feed", created in getMenu() should include those values for $Link, etc.

    If someone knows more about this kind of problem or could give me a hint on where to debug I'd be very grateful.

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