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  • zenmonkey
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    Re: [solved] force file download Link to this post

    Okay I think I'm starting to understand what you're trying to do. The way you have it structured you're passing download as a variable to the link method. What you want to do is create a urls that calls the page/action/id method. So it should be

    <a href="{$Top.Link}/download/{$SongFile.ID}" title="$Title.XML">Download</a>

    so the url is structured: url of page / method you want to call / id you want to pass

    Hope that helps

  • ekersten
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    Re: [solved] force file download Link to this post

    Sorry for the confusion, but the code i posted is actualy working.

    $Link is a method in the SiteTree model and it takes an $action optional parameter, hence the $Top.Link(download).

    Here's a link to the API documentation http://api.silverstripe.org/2.4/cms/SiteTree.html#methodLink

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