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  • eceers
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    Controller Help Link to this post

    I have written a little controller to return a Object from passed id. All works A OK! with one exception.

    If the url is submitted like this http//www.example.com/processattendees/send/50000004527-49230 all is ok.

    The problem is that if the url is submitted like http//www.example.com/processattendees/send/50000004527/49230 it breaks the controller.

    I'm assuming that the controller is getting lost because of the extra forward slash. Is there anything I can do in the controller to stop the extra slash breaking things?

    Any help or pointers would be greatly apreciated.

  • Ryan M.
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    Re: Controller Help Link to this post


    The extra slash is making the controller think there's another step in the URL. You might need to tweak your url handling.

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