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  • Ryoken
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    Unit Test Help Link to this post

    I'm writing Unit tests for some of my code, and I'm running into some problems..

    I'll make a basic scenario --

    class Alpha extends page{

    static $belongs_many_many = array('Betas' => 'Beta');

    class Beta extends page{

    static $many_many = array('Alphas' => 'Alpha');

    Now in my yml file I have :

    Title: Alpha 1

    Title: Beta 1
    Alphas: =>Alpha.a1

    When I try an run one of my tests I get:
    'Undefined index: Alpha'
    PHPUnit_Util_ErrorHandler::handleError( 8, Undefined index: Alpha, ...path..., 246, Array)

    There really aren't many examples of dealing with many_many relations in SS's PHPUnit testing, so I'm clearly doing something wrong, but none of my tests have got me a working result :/

  • Willr
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: Unit Test Help Link to this post

    Have a look at ComponentSetTest. That has a many_many so you should be able to use that (and the yaml) as reference.

  • Ryoken
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    Re: Unit Test Help Link to this post

    Thanks, that helped me try a few things that solved the problem..

    The issue seems to be the order of elements in the YML file..

    Basically, and I guess it wasn't reflected in my sample code, I was defining b1, and it's relation to Alphas a1 before I had defined a1.

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