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  • Ben_W
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    [solved]enable_nested_urls affects global form in the page_controller, director rule issue Link to this post

    I have created a form in the page_controller, so that it can be included in any other page which may require it. the code are as follow:

        * Site search form
       function DirectorySearchForm() {
          $theme_dir = $this->ThemeDir();
          $default_category = (isset($_GET['Category']))?$_GET['Category']:'';
    $default_business_name = (isset($_GET['BusinessName']))?$_GET['BusinessName']:'';
          $mycat = array();
          $searchText = isset($_REQUEST['Search']) ? $_REQUEST['Search'] : '';
          $fields = new FieldSet(
             new LiteralField ("cate_span", '<span class="choose-category">Choose a business category</span>'),
             new SearchFormDropDownField(
                'Any Category'
             new LiteralField ("business_span", '<span class="business-name">Business name</span>'),
           new TextField("BusinessName", "", $default_business_name)
          $myFormAction = new FormAction('searchResultProcess', 'SEARCH');
          $actions = new FieldSet($myFormAction);
          $mySearcgForm = new SearchForm($this, "DirectorySearchForm", $fields, $actions);
           return $mySearcgForm;
        * Process and render search results
       function searchResultProcess($data, $form){
          $page = DataObject::get('SearchResultPage', "", 'Sort', '', 1);
          $result_page = $page->First();
          $link = $result_page->Link();

    the process actually pass on the param to search result page, which will then be processed.
    The problem that I am facing is that, this technique works in early versions. But with 2.4.5, after I turned on the 'enable_nested_urls'. This settings change the director behavior I guess. Now only level one directory will finds the DirectorySearchForm, any directory deeper than this will result in 404. take the following two page as example.

    this will work as expected.

    form on this page does not work, will result in 404 page.

    I have a feeling that it might have something to do with the 'Director' rules set up by the nested url. I have two level directory sitting under the 'business-directory'. Does anyone know how to solve this problem, not sure how to go about setting up the redirect rules for this. Please help. Cheers.

  • Ben_W
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    Re: [solved]enable_nested_urls affects global form in the page_controller, director rule issue Link to this post

    After some diagnoses, my finding is that it has nothing to do with enable_nested_urls, nor director:addRules.
    I got the following code in my CategoryPage controller, which limits the allowed action. Totally forgot about his, so all I did was add the form action into this allowed action setting, and now the search form can be accessed from any page.

    Sorry about the confusion.

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