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  • aragonne
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    Director::addRules() mystery Link to this post

    Hi there,

    I have the following Director rule defined in my module's _config.php:

    Director::addRules(101, array(
    'Feed//$Action/$LoginName/$Password/$LastModDate/$OutputType/$DeleteMode' => 'FeedEngine'

    When I access the url


    the module does what it's supposed to, which is great, but then I get the following message at the end:

    I can't handle sub-URLs of a FeedEngine object.

    Anybody know why this is?

    If I remove the double slash (//) from the rule after the 'Feed' url, then I get this message:

    The action 'analytes' does not exist in class FeedEngine

    'analytes' is my $OutputType param so not sure why SS is saying it's the $Action param.

    I'm confused about the use of the double slash. I couldn't find anywhere in the docs or forum what it means, but it seems like the separator between the url and the params.


  • aragonne
    Community Member
    26 Posts

    Re: Director::addRules() mystery Link to this post

    After chatting with simon_w (super helpful!) on IRC, we came to the following conclusion:

    1. the single / should be used (double slashes have a different meaning and difficult to explain)
    2. once I replaced the zero valued (0) params in the url with non-zero values, the module runs as it should. No explanation yet on why zeroes might be causing problems, though.

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