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  • Anonymous user
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    page comments issue Link to this post


    Working on the tutorial part 2 and checked "add comments on this page" within the CMS,and now the page gets this error:

    XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
    Location: http://localhost/ss245/about-us/
    Line Number 107, Column 107: <p id="DeleteComments"><a href="http://localhost/ss245/PageComment/deleteallcomments?pageid=2&SecurityID=382b0f9a00ab9c3777c112db57d31d8756811ddb">

    I've done the ?flush=1, and out of desperation even ran dev/build... but to no avail.
    This is what I've added to the layout page - $PageComments. Doesn't really seem to matter what .ss page I add it to, always comes up with same error.

    As soon as I uncheck "add comments on this page", everything works just fine.

    Using version 2.4.5 I just downloaded the other day.

    Thanks for any help on this,


    Playing with this a bit further I discovered switching the theme to blackcandy comments work fine. Switch it back to the tutorial theme and the issue comes back. All the html looks just fine, I mimicked the code the same way it was done in blackcandy. Not really a issue I need to solve, just trying to learn but I am curious as to why?


  • Nathan Cox
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    Re: page comments issue Link to this post

    I'm fairly sure the problem is that $PageComments outputs a URL with an unencoded & in it, and the tutorial theme is XML encoded, so it's throwing a major wobbly because the & is invalid XML.

    Try remove <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> from the top of Page.ss

  • Anonymous user
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    Re: page comments issue Link to this post

    Yep I wondered the same thing, switched it to
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="$ContentLocale">

    and all is working!


  • saxophone15
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    Re: page comments issue Link to this post

    I had this same problem and this thread really helped me out.

    SilverStripe should update the tutorial files to fix this problem. Regardless, I really like how SilverStripe works so far.

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