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  • awi64
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    Reusing content Link to this post

    Dear Silverstripe community,

    our company has a site consisting of several hundred sub pages, founded in 1997, built with custom PHP, maintained with Dreamweaver. In my opinion Silverstripe seems to be the perfect candidate for a due redesign. I have spent one day getting deeper into the topic, but I still couldn't figure out two things:

    1. Can I reuse editorial content for different subdomains?
    Mobile clients will be redirected to their own subdomain, with a different page hierarchy, unique templates, simplified styles etc. Some of the original editorial content shall appear 1:1 on the mobile site, while other articles will be skipped. Most important, when an editor works on a "main site" article, the article's mobile clone needs to be immediately updated, too, without having to edit two instances. Just the way the "Library" works in Adobe Dreamweaver. Is that feasible in Silverstripe without much coding effort?

    2. Can I keep the old site's forum for a while, by including our legacy PHP function
    print(forum_output ($forum_number))
    from within a Silverstripe page?

    Thank you very much for your assistance, I'm sure I might find out the answers myself, but unfortunately, there are three other candidates to be evaluated until Tuesday. And I hope Silverstripe will make it ;-)

    Greetings from Germany,

  • Willr
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    Re: Reusing content Link to this post

    1. Can I reuse editorial content for different subdomains?

    Yes you can using the subsites module. It provides a page type called 'Subsite Virtual Page' (or something similar) which allows you to share pages between subsites.

    2. Can I keep the old site's forum for a while, by including our legacy PHP function

    Sure, if you want to do it like you listed. Though you would do something to fit within the template engine but I would think your forum code may not play well with SilverStripe so you might have to install the forum into a subdirectory and tell SilverStripe to 'ignore' just that directory by using .htaccess rules

    # ignores the 'forums' folder.
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/forums

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