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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • JohnHughes
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    Linux dedicated server and SilverStripe expertise Link to this post

    We have a new SilverStripe installation created on our behalf by a web development firm. We are not happy with the backend operation of the site. PageTree listing can take more than a minute to load. The listing of tags for articles -- we have more than 200 tags -- is nearly as bad and since we must add four to 10 tags for every article, the time consumed in this backend work is extremely frustrating.

    I see that SilverStripe.org has a Developer Network, but I see no way for users to interact with that resource. So here I am in the "General Questions" section asking how I might solicit help on this.

    What I would like is to have someone with expertise in both Linux server administration and SilverStripe assess my current server and my SilverStripe installation and offer options for improving the backend issues I've described. Would a faster processor or more server RAM improve performance? Is there a better SilverStripe option for the issues we're experiencing.

    We rent an entry-level dedicated Linux server from Hostgator. We are free to make any adjustments or install additional software on the server.

    We are a nonprofit and our funds are limited, but we would be willing to pay someone who has the expertise we need. We need an estimate of the cost to perform this work.

  • Pigeon
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    Re: Linux dedicated server and SilverStripe expertise Link to this post

    Hi there John,

    I run a company called Better Brief and we specialise in SilverStripe and linux server management. I'm sure we'd be able to help.

    The only stumbling block would be that we're London, UK based.

    If you're interested, give us an email (information available on our site).


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