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  • danzzz
    Community Member
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    Sending multipart mails? Link to this post




    I can send HTML mails, with


    textmails. But how to send multipart mails? I want to add plaintext part aswell the html part.
    For example, if some mail clients dont allow htmls mails they only show plain text part of the mail.
    With php.pear's mailer class for example I can attach 2 templates ...

    And I have problems with (setTemplate) when using "sendPlain" (It sends only whats in $body variable).
    Isnt it possible to use a template when using sendPlain()?

  • swaiba
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    Re: Sending multipart mails? Link to this post

    good question...

    I do this...

    $email->plaintext_body = strip_tags($email->body);

    ...I am very interested in other answer though...

  • danzzz
    Community Member
    175 Posts

    Re: Sending multipart mails? Link to this post


    yes, I did it also a such way:

    first I generate an array with template data, then I transform the array to an object and then render it with
    the text part and html part. and then I also use the $plaintext_body var to add the plaintext template.

    it works like that for me

    $template_data = array(
             'ActivationLink' => Director::absoluteURL(Controller::join_links ('a',$this->Member->ID,"/{$this->Member->validationkey}")),
             'Personalisation' => 'Ser Anton',

           $arrayData = new ArrayData($template_data);
           $htmltemplate = $arrayData->renderWith('ReActivationMail');
           $texttemplate = $arrayData->renderWith('ReActivationMailText');

           $reactivationmail = new Email(
             $from = 'Sender <service@sender.com>',
             $to = $data['Email'],
             $subject = 'Sender Aktivierungsmail',
             $body = $htmltemplate,
             $plaintext_body = $texttemplate


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