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  • gavinmc
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    Altering BASE_HREF (to change domain name) breaks admin logins Link to this post


    we have a Silverstripe v2.3 site on a vhost with a ServerName and a couple of ServerAliases for various reasons. It's important that the site is constructed using the ServerName throughout. However, at least one of the admins tends to access the site using one of the ServerAliases which causes that ServerAlias to appear in the links on the site. This is not desirable.

    To counter this, I explicitly used setBaseURL() in sapphire/_config.php to set the ServerName. This works fine, but when I have that set, nobody can login to the admin. Does anyone know why that would be?

    I'm having trouble finding ways to debug this. The SSLog class isn't available in v2.3, so I'm a little lost.


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