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  • Chris_Bryer
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    Version control with SVN + Piston Link to this post

    hey everyone,
    I am trying to figure out the version control process for silverstripe core + customizations & modules. i am using subversion and have followed instructions here, and installed using the silverstripe installer master. i committed the installer files, checked them out to my-silverstripe-project, and tried running tools/new-project.

    i have a few questions:
    when i ran tools/new-project it threw errors because it wasnt a git repository. the only way i could install sapphire, themes, and cms was to run tools/new-project -m flat, but i dont know if this is the correct setup. it sounds like this approach breaks the links to the git repository

    when we need to upgrade silverstripe 2.4.4 to silverstripe 3.0, how are we supposed to update those packages in subversion? is it something like this:

    $ piston update local-path-to-sapphire-or-blog-module
    $ svn add *
    $ svn commit

    i dont think this accounts for deleted folders & files though, does it?

    i guess what i am most confused over is the "tools/new-project -m flat" command.. will this break future piston commands to update the local repo? if so, how do i get around the 'not a git repository' issue?


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