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  • JMagnusson
    Community Member
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    editor css just for ie Link to this post

    In IE the paragraphs behave like movable boxes. Sometimes I get empty paragraphs which are hard to find and delete. I want to highlight every paragraph with p{border-left:3px solid #eee;}, but just in IE.

    There may be some fixes, like to use IE’s CSS-BE support (/* any IE */ border: expression('...');), but I want to do it the "good" way.

    Can I decorate leftandmain.php with an ie-only condition? How?

    Thanks, Johan

  • Invader_Zim
    Community Member
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    Re: editor css just for ie Link to this post


    It's just a theory and I can't test it right now, since I'm in front of my Ubuntu machine...

    But you could create a css file in /mysite/css named editor-ie.css and write your IE specific styles there.
    After that you could copy /cms/templates/LeftAndMain.ss to your /mysite/templates directory.
    There you edit it and put a conditional comment before the closing </head> section like this:

    <!--[if IE]> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mysite/css/editor-ie.css" /> <![endif]-->

    This should override the styles from editor.css with your IE styles... (well, in my theory at last ;-) )


  • JMagnusson
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    Re: editor css just for ie Link to this post

    Thanks, that worked. Of course there were a .ss file somewhere too.

    If someone has the same need, I can tell there are two ways to solve it:

    The "ugly" one, but it works:
    In your editor.css

    p {
       border-left: expression('3px solid #eee');

    The good one like the previous post:

    • Copy LeftAndMain.ss to mysite/templates
      Insert in the headsection: <!--[if IE]> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="$ThemeDir/css/editor-ie.css" /> <![endif]-->
      Write an editor-ie.css file and place it in $ThemeDir/css/editor-ie.css or where you want to have it.

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